Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab Online

Cardiac Lauren is a “Phase 4” online exercise class for people recovering from a cardiac event.

It’s also a safe, easy way for people over 50 to improve their fitness, strength, balance and flexibility.

Classes are run by Lauren Walker, a BACPR-certified and GP Referral Qualified exercise professional, who has worked closely with the NHS since 2011, for a safe, effective program.

Online Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab Classes

Any Time – Any Place – Any Pace

Cardiac rehab phase 4 highlights

Our online Phase 4 exercise classes are a safe and effective way to achieve your cardiac rehabilitation goals from the comfort of home… saving you travel time, money and hassle!

When you join us today, you get:

Access to over 150 themed classes, available 24/7

2 new classes added every week

Different exercise intensity levels from low/beginner through to high/advanced to suit each participant

A mix of longer and shorter classes so you can choose the session length that works for you

A variety of class styles e.g. Seated, Balance, Strength, Mix-It-Up, to keep it interesting and different

A WhatsApp group so you can ask Lauren questions, get advice & stay motivated

Lauren’s weekly email newsletter

Videos on related subjects such as relaxation, stretching, nutrition, the latest medical research etc

Face-to-face cardiac rehab usually costs £5-10 per class, depending on where you live, which means getting your recommended 150 minutes of exercise a week would cost you up to £120 per month elsewhere.

Cardiac Lauren is from just £20/month for unlimited 24/7 access to all classes.

You can take 2, 3… even 7 classes a week at no extra cost.

Plus you don’t have to factor in any extra costs or time getting to classes.

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What Participants Say

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“Cardiac rehabilitation is not just about improving physical fitness, it’s about improving quality of life” ~ Lauren Walker

Cardiac Rehabilitation FAQ

What Are The 4 Phases Of Cardiac Rehabilitation?

The 4 phases of cardiac rehabilitation are:

Phase 1: Hospital – The aim of phase 1 is to stabilise your condition and help you leave hospital

Phase 2: Outpatient – The aim of phase 2 is to monitor your recovery and rebuild independence

Phase 3: Exercise & Education – The aim of phase 3 is to rebuild your stamina and start healthier habits

Phase 4: Maintenance – The aim of phase 4 is to continue your rehabilitation once discharged from NHS primary care

What is Phase 4 Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation is the maintenance phase of cardiac rehabilitation.

It is designed to help individuals who have completed Phases 1-3 of NHS guided cardiac rehabilitation to maintain their progress and continue to live a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation should include appropriate exercise sessions, ongoing education and support, risk factor management, psychological support, and regular monitoring and follow-up by a healthcare professional.

Cardiac Lauren is an online phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation service run by Lauren Walker, who is a Level 4 Exercise Professional, certified by the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR).

Lauren has extensive experience in Phase 3 and 4 cardiac rehab.

Who is Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab Suitable For?

Phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation is suitable for anyone who has progressed through NHS cardiac rehabilitation phases 1-3, as well as anyone who wishes to take early action to prevent a heart event. We have exercises suitable for people who have:

Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction (MI) – STEMI & NSTEMI)

Valve repair or replacement (tissue or mechanical)

Stent(s) (PPCI or PCI – no matter how many)


By-pass surgery (CABG – no matter how many)

Heart Failure



Stable angina

Medically managed heart conditions

Arrhythmia (Atrial Fibrillation & irregular heart rates)

Anyone at risk of a heart event in the next five to ten years

Any other heart condition (please contact me)

Our classes are also suitable for people without heart conditions who are looking for a safe, easy way to maintain their fitness, strength, balance and flexibility

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What Are The Benefits Of Phase 4 Cardiac Rehab?

Phase 4 cardiac rehabilitation can help you heal as well as reduce the risks of having a heart event. It also has numerous health benefits, including:

Lower your blood pressure

Burn fat

Help lower cholesterol

Increase fitness and stamina levels

Reduce symptoms of angina

Strengthen and stabilise arthritic joints

Increase confidence and well-being

Increase flexibility

Reduce stress, anxiety and depression

Increase energy

Improve sleep patterns

Still in Phase 3 Cardiac Rehab?

My online Phase 3 exercise programme is an ideal complement to the cardiac rehab classes run by your Phase 3 team, allowing you to continue your recovery at home.

Phase 3 online programme

This 12 week programme covers all of Phase 3 levels 1-6, with two workout classes per level. It also includes an introduction to exercise and explanation of the RPE scale, giving you a total of 14 videos.

Each class video consists of a 15-minute warm-up, 20 minutes of exercise and a 10-minute cool-down.

Cardiac Lauren members get ongoing access to this class as part of their membership.

It is also available FREE to NHS Phase 3 patients – just ask your Phase 3 team for a referral code!

Is Walking Good For Cardiac Rehab?

Walking is an excellent form of exercise for cardiac rehabilitation as it offers lots of benefits for the heart and cardiovascular system.

Here are some reasons why walking is helpful for cardiac rehab:

  1. Walking increases the heart rate, which helps to improve cardiovascular function, strength and endurance.
  2. It is a low-impact exercise and that means it is easy on the joints, which means it is ideal for those with cardiac conditions as it allows them to exercise without stressing their bodies too much.
  3. Regular walking is known to lower blood pressure, which is a known risk factor for heart disease.
  4. Walking burns calories and can help achieve a healthy weight, reducing weight can lower the risk of heart disease.
  5. Walking lifts your mood and that helps to reduce stress and anxiety, this alone helps reduce the risk factors that cause heart disease.
  6. Walking has been shown to improve cholesterol levels by increasing HDL (good) cholesterol and reducing LDL (bad) cholesterol.
  7. Walking is an aerobic exercise and this improves circulation, improves sleep patterns, increases energy levels and improves mental health.
  8. Walking is also weight baring exercise which helps prevent osteoporosis, therefore keeping your bones strong.

In summary, walking is an excellent form of exercise for cardiac rehab because it is low impact, improves heart function, lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, helps with weight management, reduces stress and improves overall health.

Walking should form a part of a weekly exercise regime where going out for a walk happens on the days when you are not participating in a formal exercise session. This is because using walking as the only exercise you participate in is not going to provide good overall muscle health since it just uses the lower muscle groups.

Formal exercise is planned and structured exercise that includes both upper and lower-body resistance training as well as a higher-intensity cardiovascular workout than walking can provide. This is where participating in the variety of Cardiac Lauren videos complements going for a walk.

It is important to speak with a doctor before starting any exercise program, especially if you have a cardiac condition.

Can You Do Cardiac Rehab At Home?

Yes, with Cardiac Lauren, you can do cardiac rehab at home, whenever it suits you. You don’t even need any special equipment. Lauren often uses every day household items in place of expensive weight sets, as you can see in this video.

What Are Some Exercises For Cardiac Rehab?

At Cardiac Lauren, we offer a range of exercises designed to cater for people at all stages of rehabilitation. From seated exercises to high-intensity aerobics, we can help you progress back to your best health.

Here is a sample from one of our non-stop classes, showing some exercises for cardiac rehab.

What If There Are No Cardiac Rehab Classes Near Me?

A common complaint we hear is “there are no cardiac rehab classes near me!”

As a result, people are faced with the prospect of factoring in travel time to their exercise schedule. And nobody really wants to wait for a bus in the dark or have to arrive early to find a parking spot.

Thing is, if getting to classes is a chore, or the whole thing takes up hours of your day, you’ll end up getting demotivated and skipping your classes.

Cardiac Lauren solves this problem! Our online classes mean you can exercise from the comfort of home. No more wasting precious time travelling across town to a class.

You simply login, select your class and away you go!

When Should Cardiac Rehabilitation Start?

Cardiac rehabilitation should start the moment you are admitted to hospital, as the primary medical team begin to stabilise your condition and provide you the assistance and education you need to get mobile again.

The level of exercise and education increases through Phases 2 and 3, so that by the time you are discharged from primary NHS care, you have rebuilt your stamina and understand what you need to do prevent another heart event.

That’s where many patients feel at a loss.

You know what you need to do, but you don’t have an easy, structured programme laid out for you any more.

And finding a local exercise class that fits around you can be tough.

That’s where Cardiac Lauren comes in.

We make it super easy for you to get the exercise you need to stay heart-healthy at home, when it suits you.

You just login, pick the class style and duration you fancy, and away you go.

(Or if you struggle to choose, just do both of the classes we release every week!)

You also get information on subjects such as relaxation & stretching techniques, nutrition advice, the latest medical research.

And a WhatsApp group where you can ask questions, chat to fellow members, and keep your motivation strong.

In short, it’s the easiest, most convenient way to ensure you stay heart-healthy and avoid another heart event.