Resources For Healthcare Professionals

We offer a range of resources for healthcare professionals, including a 12 week Phase 3 video class you can share with your cardiac rehabilitation patients for FREE (contact me to get a referral code).

We also offer an easy referral system so you can help your patients transition to Phase 4 support once they have finished your primary care programmes.

Phase 3 Resources

Below is a high level overview of all the Phase 3 classes you can make available FREE to your patients (normal price £60). These snippets will allow you to quickly understand which exercises each class contains, along with any special considerations.

The full video series contains two workout classes at each level, plus an introduction to exercise and an explanation of the RPE scale, giving them a total of 14 videos. Each class is 50-60 minutes in duration.

The full video series is available for FREE (contact me to get a referral code you can share with your patients).

Phase 4 Resources

* Would your patients like to be able to exercise in their own home at a time and on a day that suits them?

* Do your Phase 3 or GP Referral patients need somewhere to be referred onto after they finish their programmes with you?

* Does your local Phase 4 programme only allow patients to attend for a set number of weeks and you find they would like to be able to continue to have support on their exercise journey?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above questions then Cardiac Lauren is perfect for them.

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