1. Why you should be active and exercising regularly

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This short video explains why being active and exercising regularly can help you stay healthy and reduce the risk of developing a number of medical conditions.

Below is the script for the video so if you are unable to watch it the information is below.

Be Active and Exercising Regularly

In cardiac rehabilitation, we always try to encourage you to be more active in your everyday life and participate in regular cardiovascular exercise as often as possible.

This is because we are trying to help you reduce your risk of developing a range of other medical conditions which include coronary heart disease, hypertension (which is high blood pressure to you and me) high cholesterol, stroke (including TIA’s), diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and some cancers (breast and colon cancer).

Exercising benefits

Exercising regularly, which means getting your heart and your lungs going on a regular basis is good for you for many reasons.

  • It helps increase your fitness and stamina levels.
  • When you exercise more, you are going to increase your muscle bulk.
  • Being active helps with the activities in your daily living.
  • You don’t have to think about doing things, you just start doing the housework or making the bed, weeding the garden or taking the bins out, or even small DIY projects.
  • It is going to help increase your metabolic rate and that means that you are going start burning all your internal fat when we get you exercising.
  • I am going to get you moving your arms and your legs in all different directions so that improves your range of movement around your joint. This means you are able to pick up and lift things easier or even get your arm in your coat or jumper more easily.
  • By moving more regularly, stretching, and getting the joint working as it should means you are less likely to continue with those aches, pains, niggles, and things like that.

More reasons for being active and exercising

There are more good reasons of why we try and get you exercising and be more active.

When you exercise, you get this hormone release, these endorphins, that feel good factor, serotonin starts going round to your body and so you feel really good after exercise and that is what motivates you to keep going, get out of that chair, start mowing of the lawn and things like that.

When you exercise more regularly, your confidence improves as well. You are also reducing your anxiety and stress levels.

You have better weight control when you exercise more regularly and what I mean by that is that you gain good kilos, so muscle around your body, and you lose bad kilos, which is fat and things like that around your body.

You have less fatigue and you are more likely to have a better sleep pattern because you are physically tired at the end of the day.

So they are just some of the reasons, I really could be here all day talking, about why exercise and activity is good for you. But that just gives you an idea of why we try and promote activity, general exercise, and get the heart and the lungs going on a regular basis.

Cardiac Lauren & being active and exercising

In Cardiac Lauren there is a large range of different themed and intensity level classes which cater for a beginner all the way to a regular exerciser. Being active and exercising is important to maintain our health and keep the body moving so we work on strength, mobility and balance as well as cardiovascular exercises.

The UK adult exercise guidelines – here.

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